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Discover Myanmar, mysterious country in the Southeast Asia, and be fascinated by its picturesque landscapes, rich historical heritage, and carefully kept unique traditions. Travel safely and enjoy unforgettable hospitality of the Myanmar people. Visit Myanmar with Radiant Tours & Travels!

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is one of the most fascinating, enigmatic and distinctive destinations on our planet.  Traveling around Myanmar gives you a rare opportunity to discover unique historic and religious heritage and to admire nature of the extraordinary diversity and beauty. You will also meet one of the most friendly and hospitable peoples in the world who carefully preserve traditions and customs of their ancestors.

Myanmar is located at the crossroads of the world’s greatest civilizations of India and China. Its territory stretches from the islands of the Andaman sea in the south to the Himalayan mountains in the north, from the coasts of the Indian ocean in the west to Thailand and Laos in the east.

Ancient civilizations those traces were discovered on the sol of the modern Myanmar date back as early as the 2d century BC. Hence, UNESCO has recently listed three Pyu Ancient cities Hanlin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra as the first Myanmar World Heritage sites. Our country has a very rich and diverse history influenced by different cultures, different people and different religions. Spectacular monuments, veneered sacred places and amazing intangible heritage reflect thousands of years of history as well as lifestyle, traditions and beliefs of more than a hundred of different ethnic groups living in Myanmar.

Thus, Myanmar offers all the delights of Asia on one territory. From classic programs and “must-see” sites to expeditions in the traditional ethnic villages, from relaxation on the gorgeous beaches to the trekking in the jungle, from eco tours to luxury cruising along the Irrawaddy or Salween rivers… Myanmar has everything to amaze even a worldly-wise traveler!

Radiant Tours & Travels invite you to explore and enjoy our amazing country! Let the journey in Myanmar begin!



P.S. The great video about Myanmar presented on this page has been made with the partnership with Unexplored Films company (UK, London)

We are very grateful to the director Mr Steve Ramsden for his work with us on this video project, his commitment, professionalism, passion and sincere interest to our beloved country. We say “Thank you!” to Steve and we wish him all the luck and success in his future projects!